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Unfair treatment for disadvantaged students

The Control Yuan launched an investigation to ensure equal and just treatment for disadvantaged students applying for student loan. (Case no. 0980800111)

Currently, central and local governments offer a total of 235 types of student grants. The Control Yuan’s investigation found that the government has failed to properly inform the public of the available student loans, thus preventing potential applicants from acquiring the loans they need. As “status” is used as criteria for issuing grants for a majority of student loans, such as “persons with disabilities”. As such, students whose parents are unemployed are barred from applying for the needed student loans, because there is currently no status assigned to this group of students. The current scholarship programs have yet to be categorized, with different criteria and deadlines, making the application process all the more confusing. The loans for disadvantaged college students are not calculated based on the actual number of family members, subjecting them to unfair treatment.

The Control Yuan has identified some agencies using “insufficient funding” as excuse to withdraw the 600 million NT dollar yearly subsidy, while inexplicably providing a four-month 2.9 billion NT dollar subsidy for school lunches This has led to questions regarding the justice behind such decision making.