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Exchange Program with Latin American Ombudsman/ Human Rights Offices a Success

Control Yuan concluded the three-day Exchange Program with delegates from ombudsman/ human rights offices in Latin America on August 17, 2011. Prompted by positive feedback from previous participants, the Control Yuan is holding the program for the third time since its inception in 1994 with the goal of enhancing mutual understanding between participating institutions and establishing and strengthening bilateral relationship.
Chen Jinn-lih, Vice-president of the Control Yuan, inaugurated the ceremony, while Louis, R. Chao, Chairman of International Affairs Committee, gave an overview of the five-power system of Taiwan. On the first day, Control Yuan staff members performed a simple but heartfelt Spanish song as a welcome gesture to the delegates, who also sang a song in return. The participants also called at the Department of Supervisory Operations, Department of Supervisory Investigation, Department of Assert-Declaration by Public Functionaries and National Audit Office etc., where they acquired first-hand information about the supervisory system in Taiwan.
The Exchange Program was attended by Ms. Lilian Noemy Zaldivar Morales from ombudsman office of Salvador; Mr. Augusto José Aguer, Human Right Section Chief, ombudsman office of Argentina; Mr. Pablo Belardnelli, Administrator, office of President, Argentina; Mr. Jorge Alfonso Victoria Maldonado, President of Commission of Human Rights, Yucatán state, Mexico and Mr. Hugo Andrés León Manco, Sub-director of National Administration, ombudsman office of Peru.
On the last day, in view of the participants' background in human rights protection, the Control Yuan arranged a seminar on the promotion and protection of human rights in their respective countries. Although the powers vary between individual ombudsman institutions, it was concluded that they share the common goal of enhancing human rights system. The institutions have all made great efforts to fight for social justice and initiated investigations on incidents of great social concern, as well as issues regarding minority ethinic groups, women and children and the under-privileged. Mrs. Zaldivar from El Salvador expressed her deep admiration for the Control Yuan's rational and peaceful approach in resolving human rights issues, because her country had gone through a turbulent period where the people fought for their human rights in a violent way.
Feedback was given at the closing ceremony. The five participants were very grateful for the warm reception by the Control Yuan and were very much impressed by the hospitality of the Taiwanese people.