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Delegation from the National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria Visits the Control Yuan

Control Yuan President Wang Chien-shien, in the company of Vice President Chen Jinn-lih and Deputy Secretary-General Hsu Hai-Chuan, received a delegation of the Nigerian National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on the morning of September 11 to exchange views on human rights protection. The delegation was headed by Executive Secretary (equivalent to a ministerial official) Prof. Bem Angwe.
In his welcoming remarks, President Wang said that although many countries have established regulations and independent institutions to promote anti-corruption and human rights protection, weak implementation has fueled nationwide corruption and destitution. Considering that a lack of peace and harmony endangers people’s economic rights, "execution" becomes the key to effective mechanisms. Nigeria will be able to eliminate corruption and promote economic development, improving the welfare and security of its people, only when the necessary policies and regulations are fully executed by government officials at all levels.
President Wang also urged Nigeria to make the best possible use of its bundant natural and human resources to lift its people out of poverty, and improve the country's overall development and the protection of human rights. Hopefully, as the head of NHRC, Prof. Angwe will make more recommendations on government administration and policymaking to promote these goals. Prof. Angwe thanked President Wang for his constructive and thought-provoking words and expressed a strong interest in encouraging greater collaboration and exchanges on human rights protection between the two institutions.
At the end of the meeting, President Wang presented the guests with a custom-made "rooster mug". Originating as part of a Portuguese tale, the rooster is a symbol of justice, President Wang said. He stressed that the mug should serve as a reminder that every charge brought by Control Yuan or the NHRC must be supported by solid evidence. President Wang encouraged the staff of both organizations to promote human rights by carrying out their duties with impartiality.