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Receipt of People’s Complaints

Receipt of People's Complaints

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Receipt of People's Complaints  Receipt of People's Complaints

Article 4 of the Control Act stipulates that the Control Yuan and its members shall receive people’s written complaints. According to the enforcement rules of the Control Act on the regulations of accepting and handling people’s petitions, a citizen, after finding a public servant guilty of unlawful action or misconduct, shall list the facts and evidence in detail and report them directly to the Control Yuan or its members.

The same rules stipulate that, in handling such complaints, the Control Yuan shall set up a member-on-duty to enable members to take turns reviewing such complaints on a daily basis.The member on duty shall, based on the facts contained in a written complaint, decide whether to refer it to the member in charge for investigation, commission a relevant organization to investigate, or handle it in any other appropriate manner. However, if the case does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Control Yuan, the complaint shall be rejected. After a complaint is processed, the Department of Supervisory Operations of the Control Yuan, will, as a rule, inform the complainant in writing.