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Dr. Máté Szabó Former Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary Speaks at the Control Yuan

At the invitation of the Control Yuan, Dr. Máté Szabó, former Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary and current guest lecturer at the Soochow University, delivered a speech on “The Role of Ombudsman in European Countries in the Human Rights Issues” on June 9, 2015.

Dr. Szabó received his doctoral degree in political science from the Hungarian Academy of Science in 1996, specializing in civil society, social movement, the law and political theory. He enjoyed a strong presence in many international organizations, including the International Ombudsman Institution and the European Network of Ombudsman when he was Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary from 2007 through 2013. It was during these overseas occasions when Dr. Szabó befriended some members of the Control Yuan. He has always been interested in Control Yuan’s powers and functions. This is his third time visiting the Control Yuan, after two previous visits in March and November 2013. Dr. Szabó is conducting a course on European human rights institution and social movement at Soochow University. He has gained some knowledge about the Constitution of the Republic of China and the human rights status in the country. He was impressed by Taiwanese students’ high education level and global competitiveness, which best demonstrate the country’s soft power. When he is not teaching, he spends time touring around Taiwan. He has visited the Sun Moon Lake, Chiayi, Hualien, and Taitong, as well as Kinmen and Penghu. Dr. Szabó expresses his admiration for Taiwan’s democratic achievement, the people and the culture, as well as its effort in successfully promoting international artistic exchanges at home and abroad.

Dr. Máté Szabó Speaks at the Control Yuan

Although this is Dr. Szabó’s third visit to the Control Yuan, it is his first time to meet with the members of the 5th Control Yuan. During his audience with President of the Control Yuan, Dr. Szabó offers some valuable suggestions as to how to increase Control Yuan’s global presence and international participation. He thanks Control Yuan’s invitation for giving him the opportunity to meet with the Fifth Control Yuan and exchange practical experience and research on handling maladministration and protecting human rights, before he returns to Hungary late this June.