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President Wang Presents Control Yuan Medal to FIO Chairperson Dr. Raúl Plascencia

On the morning of May 13, 2014, Chairperson of Federacion Iberoamericana de Ombudsman (FIO), also Chief Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico, Dr. Raúl Plascencia spoke at the Control Yuan (CY) plenary meeting and received the Control Yuan First Grade Medal from CY President Mr. Wang Chien-shien in honor of his contribution to the promotion of human rights protection at home and abroad.
In his speech, Dr. Plascencia emphasized that all governments must act in accordance with human rights values, which connect administrations and civil society. He also noted that cross-border cooperation is vital to the fight against violations of the human rights of children, women, immigrants, aborigines and other groups, as well as to the prevention of human trafficking, torture and inhuman punishment. The FIO has established a cooperative network for coping with these issues within the Latin American region. He expressed hope to cooperate more closely with the CY in the future.
After the speech, CY Member and Chairperson of the International Affairs Committee Dr. Louis Chao presented remarks. He thanked Dr. Plascencia for the informative introduction of his work both in the FIO and in Mexico. He also consulted Dr. Plascencia about human rights violations related to the drug trade and organized crime in his country. Dr. Plascencia said his office firmly believes that any actions against organized crime and terrorism, however vital, should not harm human rights, and this is what he strives to accomplish.
The National Human Rights Commission of Mexico, also a member of the International Ombudsman Office (IOI), will host the 2014 FIO meeting in September. Dr. Plascencia said he looked forward to meeting with his Taiwanese counterparts again soon at the upcoming event.
The CY has long maintained good relations with its Latin American counterparts and has regularly participated in the annual FIO meeting as an observer since 1999. The CY has also signed bilateral agreements with the public defender offices of Argentina, Panama, Paraguay and Nicaragua.
Dr. Plascencia, at the invitation of the CY, extended a six-day visit to Taiwan starting from May 12. During the visit, he also met with President of the Republic of China Ma Ying-jeou, accompanied by CY President Wang and Dr. Louis Chao.