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Yang Chih-liang Speaks at the Control Yuan

November 12, 2012, Mr. Yang Chih-liang, the former Minister of the Department of Health and currently a professor at the Department of Healthcare Administration at Asia University, was invited by the Human Rights Protection Committee of the Control Yuan to speak on the topic of “Safeguarding the right to health in an aging society with decreasing birth rates”. The event was attended by a packed audience.
Professor Yang pointed out that the “New Four No’s, One Without” namely, no marriage, no pregnancy, no parenting, no life, and a future without prospect for the younger generation, are central to the challenges facing our society. Contrary to the market forces of supply and demand, any increase in the demand for healthcare drives up the cost, Dr. Yang says. As people are postponing marriages and delaying pregnancy, or having none at all, they are changing the demographic structure in Taiwan and sending it on its way to become a super aging society. Dr. Yang says government intervention is crucial to ensure a financially sustainable healthcare and good quality service provision.
The event was hosted by Dr. Jinn-lih Chen, Vice President of the Control Yuan and Chairman of the Human Rights Protection Committee. After a lively Q&A session, Vice President Chen presented Dr. Yang with a collection of publications documenting human rights cases completed by the Control Yuan.