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Nigerian Delegation Visits Human Rights Protection Committee of Control Yuan

A three-member delegation from Nigeria, headed by Senator Umaru Dahiru, visited the Control Yuan, January 9, 2013.
After a warm welcome by staff members of the Human Rights Protection Committee of the Control Yuan, the delegation, comprising Senator Abu Ibrahim and Senator Anthony Adeniyi, was given an overview of the functions and powers of the Control Yuan and engaged in a lively discussion with Vice President Chen Jinn-Lih, Convener of the Human Rights Protection Committee of the Control Yuan.
While admiring the five-power system in the Republic of China, in contrast to the three-power system adopted by most countries around the world, the senators were particularly interested in Control Yuan’s unique roles and powers in keeping the government in check.
Senator Dahiru said that unlike the Control Yuan that serves as the only independent supervisory body, the checks and balances in Nigeria is divided among different government bodies. In Nigeria, the legislature’s supervisory power lies in carrying out investigations to identify wrongdoings by government officials, before submitting the findings to responsible agencies for carrying out penalties. Given its role as the only government watchdog, the Control Yuan is best placed as a gatekeeper and advocate for human rights.
Senator Dahiru is visiting Taiwan for the second time since taking part in an event held by World League for Freedom and Democracy in January 2011, whereas Senators Ibrahim and Abeniyi are visiting Taiwan for the first time.
This is the second time the Human Rights Protection Committee receives delegation from Nigeria, following a visit by Professor Bem Angwe of the National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria in September 2011. The senators appreciate the success of both visits and look forward to further exchanges with the Control Yuan in the coming years.
At the end of the visit, the delegates were each presented with a paperweight by Vice President Chen Jinn-Lih as a commemorative gift, before being given a tour inside the grand conference hall for holding monthly plenary meetings.