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Control Yuan 2013 Workshop on Protecting Women’s Rights Met with Enthusiasm

Control Yuan President Wang Chien-Shien opens the 2013 Workshop on Protecting Women’s Rights wishing the event bear fruit and that government representatives have solutions to take home with them to tackle existing problems and setbacks facing the protection of women’s rights. Should the one-day workshop fail to uncover the problems due to time constraint, President Wang welcomes an extra session with women’s communities and civil groups to receive further advisory input, thereby facilitating ombudsman power and making the Control Yuan worthy of its name as a “Human Rights Yuan”.
Vice President of the Control Yuan, Chen Jinn-Lih, who is also the Convener of the Human Rights Protection Committee, stresses that human rights protection have always been the focus of Control Yuan’s operations. Since the establishment of Human Rights Protection Committee in 2000, the Control Yuan has strived to live up to its role as the “Human Rights Yuan”. Thanks to a pre-meeting where speakers were invited to sit down and fine tune the issues to be raised during the upcoming workshop and avoid redundancy, the event has successfully generated a wealth of topics.
Among the wide-ranging issues identified during the workshop are sexual violence and discrimination in the media, insufficient and declining funding for the prevention and control of sexual violence, occupational health of foreign caregivers and the availability of their legal protection, personal security of foreign spouses, poor gender awareness among judicial and law enforcement personnel, treatment for sexual perpetrators, understaffing and personal safety issues concerning social workers at local government agencies, allegedly discriminatory overseas interview for transnational marriages, prevention and control of sexual assault and harassment on campus, poor employment program for victimized and disadvantaged women, as well as women’s right to remain employed during pregnancy.
The 2013 Workshop on Women’s Rights was attended by a crowd of 320, including representatives of women’s groups, government organizations and the academia. The workshop opens with an overview on the status quo of women’s rights protection in Taiwan, before moving on to in depth reviews of women’s human rights issues in judicial and medical affairs, social and police affairs, and educational and labor affairs. Also present at the workshop were representatives from the Executive Yuan, the Judicial Yuan, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education, the Department of Health, the National Police Agency and the Council of Labor Affairs who gave prompt responses to questions posed by women’s groups and the audience.