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Member Mr. Walis Perin

Mr. Walis Perin
Member Mr. Walis Perin
  • BA, Department of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University
  • BTh, Department of Theology, Fu Jen Catholic University
Career Background
  • President, CGNF Taiwan Natural Farming Association
  • Deputy Convener, Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee
  • Councilor, Nantou County Council (1986-1990)
  • Legislator, Legislative Yuan (Feb. 1992 – Jan. 2005)
  • Chairman, Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan
  • Director, Wushe Collective Farm
  • President, Credit Union League of the Republic of China
  • Vice President, Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions,ACCU
  • President, Taiwan Indigenous Tribe Cultural Educational Revival Foundation