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Member Ms. Yang, Mei-ling

Ms. Yang, Mei-ling
Member Ms. Yang, Mei-ling
  • Bachelor, Department of Law, National Taiwan Univ.
Career Background
  • Member of the Fourth Control Yuan (2008.08.01-2014.07.31)
  • Secretary General, Consumer Protection Commission, Executive Yuan (2003.10.01-2008.07.31)
  • Member, Civil Service Protection and Training Commission (2002.11.15-2003.09.30)
  • Officer, Senior Executive Officer, Counselor and Executive Secretary of Committee of Laws and Regulations, Ministry of Economic Affairs (1984.06.08-2002.11.14)
  • Specialist and Secretary, Ministry of Education (1978.09.01-1984.06.07)
  • Officer, Ministry of Economic Affairs (1976.10.01-1978.08.31)
  • Revenue Officer, Revenue Service Office of Taipei County and National Tax Administration of Ministry of Finance(1973.07.16-1976.09.30)