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Member Ms. Chang Jen-hsiang

Ms. Chang Jen-hsiang
Member Ms. Chang Jen-hsiang
  • M.S. in Agriculture, Institute of Industrial Development, Chinese Culture University
  • B.S. in Plant Pathology, National Chung Hsing University
Career Background
  • Deputy Magistrate, Hsinchu County Government (2010.02.12-2014.07.31)
  • Minister of Council of Indigenous Peoples (2008.05.20-2009.09.10)
  • Legislator (1996.02.01-2008.02.01)
  • Instructor, Department of Horticulture, Chinese Culture University(1980.08.01-1983.07.31)
  • Teaching Assistant of National Taitung Teacher’s College (1975.08.01-1979.08.01)